Honest and clean raw rice wine Makgeolli brewed
with rice and water of uncontaminated Gangwon.
Origin of Dalholju (Traditional Korean rice wine)

‘Dalhol’ was the name of Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do in the era of the ancient kingdom of Goguryeo.

‘Dal’ had the meaning of a ‘mountain’ while ‘Hol’ meant either a ‘castle’ or a ‘village’ back then.
In other words, ‘Dalhol’ can be translated into a mountainous village or a ‘highland village.’

Dalholju’s Registered Trademark in Goseong-gun

No. 40-1143527

Daholju in the Media

Taste of Clean Goseong, Brewed into Traditional Rice Wine

Excellency of Dalholju

Premium Traditional Korean rice wine Brewed with Goseong’s Rice

Dalholju is produced by Dalhol Brewery, a second-generation family agricultural corporation that has brewed Makgeolli for more than 50 years.
The premium traditional Korean rice wine is brewed with uncontaminated deep ocean water extracted from a depth of 605m in Goseong’s clean deep sea, and Goseong rice exposed to fresh sea breezes is distilled twice to ensure cleaner taste and flavor.


It is brewed with Goseong-gun and Sokcho-si rice exposed to clean Gangwon’s sea breezes.


It is light rice wine that is filtered twice, firstly by pressure, and secondly through a strainer.


Deep ocean water is added to vitalize microbes and to facilitate fermentation.

Process of Producing Dalholju

Soaking Rice

Preparing Hard-Boiled Rice

Injecting Koji Mould



Daholju in the Media